Factory Defects and Missing Items

ca.ShopBetter24.com gives an exceptional free collection service to customers for products with factory defects.

If a customer decides to return the products, the customer will pay for any costs incurred and must notify ca.ShopBetter24.com of this decision so we can process the return accordingly.

How to return a defective product

Prepare the package in optimum conditions and introduce all the defective products inside (a) large cardboard box/es. Keep in mind that the original boxes of the products themselves must arrive intact, without stickers or damage, at our warehouse.

Therefore, it is essential to reinforce cardboard boxes and seal them well. Stick the label that our Customer Service relays to you, for printing onto each package. Don't forget to print and stick this label (which contains the RMA number associated with your collection, the package number and an identification bar code) on each package.

The warranty covers manufacturing defects and in no case covers wear or misuse.

We will only return the money from the products that have a factory defect, so you should inspect those that show any signs of wear or damage closely. In the event of damaged packaging or with courier seals, 100% of the value of the product will not be returned. Therefore, it is important that you protect the returned merchandise with an extra cardboard box so as to not damage the product's own packaging.

Once the products have been received, the ca.ShopBetter24.com TSS will analyse each one of them and once they have all been verified, a replacement or refund will be made, as appropriate. The payments will be made into your assigned payment method accordingly. NOTE: The process of checking and refunding the customer can last several weeks from receiving it in our warehouse.

- - Order not Received, for inquiries about shipments that have not yet been received or for shipments in which you have not received all the packages sent (partial receipt), you must contact Customer Service directly without undue delay.

- - Order Received, to report incidents after receiving all the packages of your order. You must provide all the required documents as requested. Sending incorrect or inaccurate documents, or not sending them, will invalidate the possibility of any claim and will result in the cancellation of the incident.

How to handle Factory Defects and Missing Items